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'Rampage' Prepares to Fight Off 'Quiet Place' & 'Truth or Dare' For Weekend #1

Brad Brevet


Apr. 12 - Updated with Friday estimates... This weekend Dwayne Johnson arrives with his latest offering, starring in Warner Bros.'s release of New Line's Rampage. At the same time Blumhouse will debut its latest micro-budgeted thriller Truth or Dare, which will have its hands full over this Friday the 13th weekend, competing for audience attention with last weekend's box office champ A Quiet Place.

'Black Panther' Dominates Lackluster March at the Box Office


Black Panther not only dominated the month of February, but was also responsible for nearly 25% of March's overall gross. In fact, thanks to Black Panther, even though March was such a down month, the first quarter of the year finished down just -2% compared to 2017's record $2.91 billion, with Black Panther accounting for almost 23% of the quarter's overall $2.85 billion in grosses. It's the second largest percentage behind March of 1998 when Titanic accounted for over 25% of the month's overall gross.

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A Quiet Place Challengers

A Quiet Place The Conjuring
Rampage Movie Scene Rampage Movie Scene
18 Day Total: 18 Day Total:
$132,783,628 $109,674,070

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Tomb Raider Challengers

Tomb Raider (2018) Tomb Raider (2001)
Rampage Movie Scene Rampage Movie Scene
38 Day Total: 38 Day Total:
$56,700,036 $126,246,328

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Daily Box Office

A Quiet Place $1,513,108
Rampage $1,278,214
I Feel Pretty $1,198,723

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2018 Top Movies

Black Panther $1,325,115,728
Operation Red Sea $568,046,676
Detective Chinatown 2 $531,935,866
Ready Player One $522,448,441
Fifty Shades Freed $368,307,760

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2018 Top Movies Worldwide

Black Panther $681,833,830
A Quiet Place $132,783,628
Ready Player One $126,648,441
Peter Rabbit $114,292,715
Fifty Shades Freed $100,407,760

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May 25th
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